Totally Game documentary series explores how games improve our lives

(Image credit: Future)

Barcroft Studios, part of TechRadar's parent company Future plc, has begun an all-new video series focusing on the real lives of those who play games, and how games have changed their lives.

Totally Game is the first collaboration between the documentary makers at Barcroft and Future's games division (which includes sites like GamesRadar and PC Gamer). This short form documentary series will be made available on GamesRadar and PCG's Facebook pages, as well as those of Official PlayStation Magazine and Official Xbox Magazine. You'll also be able to watch it on Snapchat, YouTube and TikTok starting today. 

Some of the subjects featured in the documentary include the owner of the world's biggest video game memorabilia collection, the world Tekken champion, and the Star Wars mega fan who built an arcade in their basement. 

Here's the synopsis for Totally Game episode one: "Cosplayer Chad Hoku lost an eye in a workshop accident - but rather than dwell in self-pity, he leaned into his new look, creating an incredible 7ft tall suit of the one-eyed Reinhardt from Overwatch." You can watch it below.

Check it out if you want to see some life-affirming documentaries about people who truly love games.

Barcroft Studios recently launched the channel truly on free channel Pluto TV in the US, which you can watch for free if you live there.

New episodes of Totally Game will roll out every Wednesday. 

Samuel Roberts

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