Top 7 budget Android smartphones with fingerprint sensor


In the year 2015, a number of smartphone companies started a new trend that promised to make your smartphones even more secure. This trend was the use of fingerprint scanner technology to ensure that the phone can only be unlocked by the primary smartphone user and no one else. Fingerprints have been used since 1858 as a means of identification, especially while signing contracts. According to the US National Institute of Standards and Technology, the patterns are on fingerprints are around 98.6 percent accurate while identifying a person, and this is with respect to a single finger. Fingerprint technology became extremely popular after Apple decided to include this feature in iPhone 5s. Today, the fingerprint sensor technology is used by numerous smartphone companies as a top selling feature of their device.

The placement of the fingerprint sensor is either on the back like in the case of Nexus 6P, or right in the front on the home button as is seen in Samsung S6 and iPhone 6. If you are thinking that the fingerprint technology will hike up the prices of smartphones, you are not far from the truth. However, there are several budget Android smartphones available that include the fingerprint sensor in them. Here are a few budget picks: