This wearable will help you hear Elton John better

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Ever find the sound quality at gigs isn't up to scratch? How about if you could be surrounded by the crowd, watching your favorite artist on stage yet still get crystal-clear audio through a pair of headphones?

That's the idea behind tech startup Peex, which has now partnered with Elton John for his last tour to offer better sound quality at some of his final shows.

The idea is you'll wear a pair of headphones with a receiver attached that will provide superior sound quality compared to what would be coming out of the speakers. It works by pairing with an app on your phone.

Peex looks like a traditional pair of headphones but has a band that goes around your neck so you won't drop them in your beer or lose them under your feet mid-way through the gig. They're also splashproof for that same scenario.

It's not clear how much extra you'll have to pay on top of your ticket.

The technology has been available at a variety of shows around the US at 15 major venues in the last few years, but Elton John is the biggest artist yet to embrace the technology. The tech is also coming to the UK later in 2019.

Superior audio quality is a good idea for live music, but there are other potential benefits too. You can block out the guy next to you singing too loudly, plus it may offer a way of protecting your ears during live music and it may also be a big help for those that are hard-of-hearing.

Via Music Week

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