These super-cheap wireless earbuds are biodegradable (mostly)

Majority Tru Bio earbuds in blue against a plant background
(Image credit: Majority)

Claiming to be "the first carbon-neutral audio brand", UK firm Majority is touting its green credentials with its latest release - a set of true wireless headphones that can be recycled.

Up until this point the company had concentrated on affordable soundbars, DAB radios and speakers, but its latest piece of gear sees it dip its toes into the highly competitive world of the best budget wireless earbuds with the Majority Tru Bio, with the in-ears coming with an eco-conscious twist.

The Tru Bio's exterior and lipstick-shaped USB-C charging case are made from biodegradable materials, while their 13mm drivers are also made from a bio-cellulose material.

There’s no ANC or fancy spatial audio here – no great surprise given their budget £34.95 ($42) price tag – but the Tru Bio’s do support Bluetooth version 5.3 and feature an estimated 30 hours of battery life. 

Analysis: Tru Bio’s offer a welcome alternative ending for cheap tech

White Majority True Bio earbuds on a white background, showing the buds' shape

(Image credit: Majority)

Now, Majority’s claims that their new Tru Bio buds are biodegradable might be a bit far – they have lithium batteries, magnets, processors and circuits in, after all. It’s still nevertheless refreshing to see a tech firm making some concerted effort towards being genuinely sustainable, and some of the elements could be recycled, with the right program.

The Tru Bio’s have a very appealing price tag, and we’re looking forward to hearing how they compare to more of the best cheap headphones

The fact that at least most of their components won’t need to end their days being dumped on landfill – something that’s all too often the case with affordable headphones – is definitely something worth considering, as long as they actually make it to a system where they can biodegrade properly.

They come in pink, white and blue finishes, and are available now in the UK – Majority has not confirmed a launch anywhere else yet.

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