These big data SIM only deals blow everything else out of the water right now

SIM only deals
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There are plenty of excellent SIM only deals available right now, with a lot of the best offers from Black Friday still live. However, three deals stand out above the rest offering big data plans and low costs.

Two of these deals offer you completely unlimited data, calls, and texts plans. And, while Smarty is the cheaper of the two, bringing your bills down to the cheapest ever price for unlimited data of £15, we think Three's offer is the more exciting one.

It costs just £1 a month more but offers 5G connections and a host of benefits like travel perks. Want something even cheaper than those two plans? There is a big data Vodafone plan floating around with some excellent value.

It supplies you with 100GB of data for £16 a month. While that is more expensive than Smarty, it also comes with £54 in cashback, effectively bringing your monthly bills down to just £11.50 a month.

You can find out more about these three SIM only deals below.

SIM only deals

Unlimited data SIM only deals: Three and Smarty

The best SIM plan ...

Three SIM | 12 months | Unlimited data, calls and texts | £16 per month
This deal from Three appeared over Black Friday and is now continuing into the Christmas sales period. This is easily the best SIM on the market right now, offering up unlimited data, calls and texts all for just £16 a month.

SIM only plan from Smarty | 1 month rolling |Unlimited data, calls and texts | £20 £15 per month

SIM only plan from Smarty | 1 month rolling |Unlimited data, calls and texts | £20 £15 per month
While the above feels like the best option thanks its 5G connections and additional features, you could save an extra pound each month by going with Smarty instead. As well as being cheaper, Smarty also operates on 1-month rolling plans so you could leave whenever you want.

An effectively cheaper SIM from Vodafone:


Vodafone SIM only deal from | 12 month contract | 100GB of data | unlimited calls and texts | £16pm + £54 cashback by redemption
Right now, this is easily the best price out there for this much data. Before you even take into account the cashback, getting 100GB of data for less than £16 a month is a challenge, especially on Vodafone! Once you consider the cashback, you're paying just £11.50 a month - an unbeatable price.

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