There's no RTX 3070 in stock for Amazon Prime Day, but Newegg has Nvidia GPUs

Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 Ti
(Image credit: Future)

The RTX 3070 is in stock as part of the Newegg Shuffle, meaning you can buy the Nvidia GPU from the online components store – if you're lucky enough to win the raffle. Also available are the RTX 3080 Ti, RTX 3070, RTX 3090 and RTX 3060, along with a PS5 restock (PS5 Digital bundle) and Xbox Series X and Series S bundles.

Nvidia RTX GPU stock – here's what to expect

The Newegg Shuffle lottery is controversial because you could enter 100 times and still not get 'picked' to buy an RTX GPU. There are just that many people trying to buy a new graphics card. Of course, this method keeps things fair. Newegg also tends to mark up prices with bundles, so expect to pay over MSRP.

The Asus RTX 3070, for example, costs $979.98, but comes with a Full HD monitor made by none other than... Asus. See how that works? The MSI RTX 3070 option costs $819.99 and, in this case, doesn't force you to buy anything extra.

In most situations, you're going to have to be in the market for a motherboard, power supply, or monitor. Similarly, the PS5 that's a part of the Newegg Shuffle contains the Digital Edition console, a Pulse 3D Wireless headset, a DualSense controller and media remote for the price of $599.96.

The Xbox Series X that was on hand has just an extra controller and Game Pass Ultimate for $579.97, which is actually pretty reasonable.

Where to buy RTX GPUs for MSRP

The Newegg Shuffle is only one option for RTX GPUs. While we find Amazon to make it nearly impossible to buy sought-after graphics cards, Antonline RTX stock lasts one or two minutes for the RTX 3080, the most coveted GPU. That's aged in the restock world. Best Buy has RTX GPUs for MSRP, but the inventory lasts just one minute – if that.

Antonline: Antonline often has RTX graphics cards in stock weekly and pairs them with other components (just like Newegg does). So you'll also be buying a motherboard, case, monitor or something else with it. The difference with Antonline is that it's first-come-first-serve (vs Newegg's lottery), so if you're fast enough, this is the one to watch. You just have to be okay with GPU bundles with tons of extras.

Best Buy: Best Buy often has the Nvidia RTX GPUs at their normal MSRP online, and we've seen people wait nearly 20 hours in line when it's an in-store restock (see our RTX 3080 Ti launch line coverage). Because the RTX cards from Best Buy aren't part of a bundle and because they're at retail price, they last less than a minute in some cases and we advise people to keep trying until they're totally sold out.

We'll let you know if RTX GPUs are in stock at Best Buy this week.

Matt Swider