There's a new robot vacuum in town - and it's set to raise standards

DReame L10 Ultra with raised mop pads leaving docking station
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A new robot vacuum cleaner has been announced at IFA 2022 which promises to set a new standard for hands-free, smart home vacuuming and mopping.

The brand behind such a marvellous innovation is Dreame. The company is highly ambitious and aims to improve the quality of our lives by focusing on high-end cleaning devices using astrodynamic technologies (a study of articular motions). It's been going since 2015 and has launched a pretty epic collection of some of the best cordless vacuums and best robot vacuums we've seen, and the Dreame L10 Ultra is going to be joining the ranks.

Coming in at $1,205 (around £1,000, AU$1,800), the L10 Ultra is the most expensive hybrid robot vacuum cleaner in the Dreame range. The closest comparison we can make is to the DreameBot W10 Pro which falls short on the suction power on offer from the new arrival.

It'll vacuum with a powerful 5,300Pa suction and bristleless rubber brush to remove dust, hair, and other debris from floors throughout the home. Floors are then scrubbed with dual 180RPM high-speed rotating mops that are automatically raised when encountering carpet, if you need. All the grime from the automatic clean will be entered in to the 3L dust bag, providing you up to 60-days of dirt collection.

Once the mop has stopped (we like a little rhyme), the mops are spun against the base plate and sprayed with water to remove the dirt. If the cleaning session is finished, the mops are dried with hot air to prevent mildew and unpleasant odor. 

Worried about the kids or pets getting in the way? Don't be. The advanced AI is said to accurately identifies obstacles and objects to be avoided, and recommends cleaning plans based on the layout of the room. 

And, if you want to control the L10 Ultra with your voice and your voice only, you can. It's compatible with Google Assistant, Alexa and Siri. Otherwise, it can all be controlled used the customizable app.

Although it has launched today (September 1), the Dreame L10 Ultra is not available to buy from Amazon until later on in the month.

Dreame L10 Ultra being used on a rug to sweep up cereal

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Analysis: is the Dreame L10 Ultra setting a new standard?

We have yet to get hands-on with the Dreame L10 Ultra, although we're planning on doing so during our time at IFA Berlin. It's tricky to vouch for how good (or bad) an appliance is without seeing it, holding it and using it but from what we have read it is going up against EcoVacs and Roborock who are big players in the robot vacuum cleaning world so it's got to be great, right?

The suction sounds impressive, but the ability to vacuum and mop floors is not a new thing. It's also not a new thing to have the floor dried after mopping and the mop heads rinsed.  We are dubious, especially since Dreame already have a very simular hybrid robot vacuum (W10 Pro) available to buy right now, so we're keen to find out if there's any more to it.

We're looking forward to letting the L10 Ultra go for a spin around our home, when we return from Berlin, where we'll be putting that new standard to the test.

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