There are no Sonos Prime Day deals, but these are the best alternatives

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If you're after the best Sonos Prime Day deals, well, we don't know what to tell you. The quality audio brand hasn't been part of Amazon's Prime Day festivities, though that doesn't mean there aren't plenty of other great audio hardware options for improving your home cinema setup.

Anyone after a Prime Day deal on something similar to a Sonos speaker has a good few options. Those shopping in the US could opt for some Klipsch bookshelf speakers at half price, or a center-channel speaker with almost $300 cut from its price tag

Those in the UK, meanwhile, can save a neat £100 on a plug-in Samsung soundbar, or get £100 off a more premium Denon model. There are some wireless speakers in the mix if you're after a Sonos Move alternative too.

Best Prime Day soundbar and speaker deals

Best Prime Day soundbar and speaker deals in the US

Klipsch Synergy B-200: $299

Klipsch Synergy B-200: $299 $149.50 at Amazon
Save $149.50
– These speakers may be small, by they can still pack some power behind them to deliver a great sound experience. While these might be part of Klipsch's older Synergy line of speakers, they still perform really well look good too.

Klipsch R-100SW subwoofer: $399

Klipsch R-100SW subwoofer: $399 $197.72 at Amazon
Save $201.28
– This powerful subwoofer will complete your home cinema array delivering a deep bass to make your sounds richer and feel more complete. It already offered a brilliant performance for its price, and this lightning deal only makes it an even better buy.

F-200: $349.99

Klipsch Synergy F-200: $349.99 $225.50 at Amazon
Save $124.49
– If Klipsch's Synergy F-300 speakers are still a little out of your price range, this more affordable alternative could be for you. While your soundstage will take a slight dip, the performance is still good the design of the F-200 is just as sleek.

Klipsch Synergy Sub-120: $499

Klipsch Synergy Sub-120: $499 $249.50 at Amazon
Save $249.50
– This subwoofer is part of Klipsch's older Synergy line, but it is still a great option if you're looking to complete your array with a deep bass and minimal sound distortion. Not only does it sound good, but it looks great too, and will match the design of your other Klipsch speakers to create a unified setup both audibly and aesthetically.

Klipsch Synergy F-300: $499

Klipsch Synergy F-300: $499 $325.50 at Amazon
Save $173.50
– While this speaker is one of Klipsch's older models it still offers a dynamic sound and creates epic soundscapes with minimal distortion for an all-around great experience. The sleek design of it also means you'll be proud to have it on display as part of your home cinema.

Klipsch RP-600M speakers: $629

Klipsch RP-600M speakers: $629 $349 at Amazon
Save $280
– These small yet powerful speakers will offer you a great and really well-balanced listening experience whether it's as part of a home cinema or to amplify your favorite tracks. They were already great value for money and this sale makes them an even better deal.

Klipsch RP-504C speaker: $749.99

Klipsch RP-504C speaker: $749.99 $477.70 at Amazon
Save $272.29
– This amazing center channel speaker won't just pump out the sound but it'll offer a dynamic experience with an incredible soundscape, too. Whether you're trying to enjoy your favorite movie or soundtrack this is a brilliant speaker option, and for over 25% off it's hard to say no to them.

Best Prime Day soundbar and speaker deals in the UK

Samsung S60T 4.0ch Lifestyle all-in-one Soundbar: £399

Samsung S60T 4.0ch Lifestyle all-in-one Soundbar: £399 £199 at Amazon
Save £200 -
This home theater soundbar from Samsung is half price, making it well worth a look if you're after a mid range device at a competitive discount.

Polk Audio T15 Bookshelf Speaker: £129

Polk Audio T15 Bookshelf Speaker: £129 £75.24 at Amazon
Save £53.76 -
Liven up your shelves with these speakers from Polk Audio, featuring solid surround sound ideal for home cinema use.

Polk Audio SR2 Wireless Surround Sound Speakers: £159

Polk Audio SR2 Wireless Surround Sound Speakers: £159 £119 at Amazon
Save £40 -
Own a Polk Audio React Soundbar? Get the most out of it with these sound boosting wireless speakers.

POLK AUDIO React Soundbar: £249

POLK AUDIO React Soundbar: £249 £179 at Amazon
Save £70 -
Fill your home cinema with excellent sound thanks to the Polk Audio React Soundbar. With built-in Alexa, you also have a voice assistant ready to go alongside superb sound quality.

Polk Audio Signa S3 Soundbar: £279

Polk Audio Signa S3 Soundbar: £279 £249 at Amazon
Save £30 -
This Polk Audio soundbar features impressive room-filling surround sound and has Chromecast built-in, meaning your favorite apps are streamable through the device.

POLK AUDIO MagniFi 2 Soundbar: £499

POLK AUDIO MagniFi 2 Soundbar: £499 £399 at Amazon
Save £100 -
If you're after a wall-mounted soundbar with impressive 3D audio, you may want to give the discounted Polk Audio Magnifi 2 a look.

Bang & Olufsen Beoplay M5 Wireless Speaker: £529

Bang & Olufsen Beoplay M5 Wireless Speaker: £529 £349 at Amazon
Save £180 -
At almost £200 off, this premium wireless speaker is well worth a look. It's stylish, features Bang & Olufsen's signature sound profile and has Chromecast built-in, allowing for connectivity to your favorite devices and apps.

Denon Home 550 Compact Sound Bar: £599

Denon Home 550 Compact Sound Bar: £599 £499 at Amazon
Save £100 -
This premium soundbar features 3D surround sound, app connectivity and plenty of connection options at the rear of the device, making it ready to be hooked up to devices of your liking. If you want to go wireless, Bluetooth connectivity is also supported.

Bose Solo 5 TV Sound System: £239.95

Bose Solo 5 TV Sound System: £239.95 £149 at Amazon
Save £90 -
This Bose soundbar is a great addition to any television, with Bluetooth connectivity to pair with any smartphones or laptops too. 30W output means it should outmatch the average smart TV, at least.

Getting some quality speakers is a key part of any real home cinema setup, amplifying the scale, volume and detail of the audio that's possible when watching a TV show or film. While some TVs come with decent built-in speakers, they're also often an afterthought for manufacturers, capping out at 10W with a tinny output that's less cinema and more smartphone ringtone.

It's worth checking what audio formats are supported by your television, though. Dolby Atmos or DTS:X are great additions, but you'll need every connected piece of hardware to support it, from your TV to your sound system – and even the source device if you're using a streaming stick or 4K Blu-ray player.

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