The super-tough Polar Grit X running watch is cheaper than ever

Polar Grit X
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The Polar Grit X sports watch is down to just £293.44 at Amazon right now – a saving of over £85 off the regular price, and the cheapest we've ever seen it.

The Polar Grit X is a superb watch that's been sitting pretty in our roundup of the best running watches since its launch last year, thanks to its slim yet tough design, and accurate GPS and biometrics.

If you're not in the UK, scroll down for the best running watch deals near you.

Polar Grit X:

Polar Grit X: £379 £295.44 at Amazon (save £85.56)
The Polar Grit X is one of the best running watches around, particularly if you're training for a long distance event. With smart workout tools and detailed feedback, it's designed to help you train smarter, and get the best results from your training sessions. This is the best deal we've ever seen for the Grit X, and applies to the white model only.

One of its best training features is its ability to help you plan your hydration and fuelling for long runs, and give you alerts when it's time to take on extra water and carbs so can perform better for longer, and avoid hitting the dreaded wall.

We saw the Grit X drop to £322 at Amazon earlier this year, but with over £85 off, this is a far more impressive offer, and we don't expect it will last long. This deal only applies to the white version; other colours are also on sale right now, but aren't discounted as steeply.

Beginner-friendly alternatives.

If you like the sound of the Polar Grit X, but aren't likely to use some of its more advanced features for off-road running, it's well worth taking a look at the Polar Unite as a more beginner-friendly alternative.

It has a smart, minimalist design, and will help you develop a more effective training routine by spending time working in different heart rate zones to improve your fitness, and start shaving seconds off your times.

The Polar Ignite is another option to check out, and has very similar features to the Unite. It also has on-board GPS, which provides more accurate results than a watch that piggybacks on your phone's GPS receiver, and allows you to leave your handset at home for training runs if you want.

If you're not in the UK, here are the best running watch deals near you.

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