The new iPad Pro 2022 might not be worth getting excited about

iPad Pro 12.9 2021
An iPad Pro 12.9 2021 (Image credit: TechRadar)

Apple recently held a big event where it launched the iPhone 14 line and new Apple Watches, including the Apple Watch Ultra, but there’s still more to come, with new iPad Pro 2022 models possibly set to headline an event in October. That said, we’re now hearing they might not get that much limelight.

According to Mark Gurman – a journalist with a good track record for Apple information – in his latest Power On newsletter for Bloomberg, the company is more likely to announce the new iPad Pros via press release than at an event.

Gurman claims that both 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro models are “highly likely” to land this year, but that they won’t be a “major departure” for Apple, so won’t justify a big event.

Apparently they’ll use the new M2 chipset – which has already been unveiled – along with having some “improved specifications”, but nothing drastic.

Gurman claims that we’ll also probably see new Mac Minis and MacBook Pros, but that these too will use chipsets in the previously announced M2 line, and won’t be big upgrades in any other way, so they likely wouldn’t carry an event either. Likewise there might be a new Apple TV box, but that’s not a major product for Apple.

It’s worth noting that the use of press releases rather than an event for these products seems to be an educated guess rather than inside information, and Gurman acknowledges that Apple may feel differently, so an event is still possible. But the key point is that the products themselves probably won’t be overly exciting upgrades however Apple chooses to announce them.

Analysis: a new standard iPad is notably absent

While Gurman has listed quite a few products here for launch in 2022, one thing that wasn’t mentioned was a new iPad 2022.

That’s slightly surprising as multiple sources – including Gurman himself – have previously said we’ll see a new basic iPad before the end of the year.

It’s possible that Gurman just neglected – or forgot – to mention it in this latest list, but it could also mean that they’re no longer confident we’ll see the slate before 2023.

If it does land this year then leaks suggest we’ll probably see it – along with the new iPad Pros – in October, so there might not be long to wait. But if it doesn’t land in October then perhaps there will be a while to wait for this cheap tablet after all.

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