Toshiba to show glasses-free 3D in October?

Toshiba IFA 2010
Will we see glasses-free 3D demonstrated as early as next month?

Atsushi Murasawa, head of Toshiba visual products, said during today's IFA press conference that the company would have "some announcement" on glasses-free 3D for smaller screens as soon as October's Ceatec show in Japan.

"Glasses free 3D? Yes, sure, but as of today we are not ready to come to market with glasses-free, but we are going to make some announcement about glasses free 3D in the small screen sizes in October...Ceatec."

Bye bye Cell TV

The press conference also carried the revelation that Toshiba has effectively killed off its Cell TV before it's even arrived in Europe. Instead, the Japanese manufacturer introduced a new TV engine for which Cevo is the European codename.

Essentially the successor to Cell, Cevo is a new multiprocessor platform that is said to show best in class picture quality, advanced 3D graphics and network solutions.


Atsushi Murasawa also showed off the new Cevo chip and explained that a new 55ZL1 Cevo-powered TV will be out in the UK sometime in 2011 – probably, we'd guess, making its debut at CES 2011. "We believe the engine is one of the most important things," he said.

Cevo is being branded as an evolution of the Cell chip, offering 400hz for smoother images and 512 LED clusters for local dimming, which is said to garner perfect black reproduction.

CEVO toshiba

The Cevo means that there is also a lower level of crosstalk for 3D. Toshiba is calling its 3D Mega Bright and Intelligent 3D because of this technology.

Toshiba claims this technology means it can offer the same picture quality for 3D as it does with 2D.


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