The first 4K Roku TV is coming soon

TCL 4K Roku TV

Roku always comes to CES with big news to share, and CES 2016 is no different.

The smart TV firm announced the first 4K UHD Roku TVs are making it to the wild, and it's also developed a Roku TV HDR reference design.

Let's start with the 4K news: for the first time ever, Roku is heading to 4K screens, beginning this spring. TCL will be the first out the gate with a 4K UHD Roku TV, and it will produce several models available later this quarter. More manufacturers should join the 4K Roku revolution sometime in 2016.

Roku, which not too long ago announced the 4K-capable Roku 4, has a host of 4K UHD streaming channels, including a 4K Spotlight Channel.

Ra-ra HDR

Roku is also hopping on the HDR train with the announcement it will release a reference design for its TV partners to be used in future 4K UHD Roku TV models.

It's partnered with Dolby to bring Dolby Vision HDR support to the reference design. The reference design also includes HDR 10 support, an open HDR platform adopted by the Blu-ray Disc Association that allows for support of 4K Blu-ray discs.

TCL is the inaugural partner to integrate Roku's HDR reference design.

Roku TV is gearing up for a major year all around: where nearly 40 Roku TV models from five TV OEM partners were available in 2015, the company is looking to offer 60 new Roku TV models this year. Roku TV is also coming to Mexico in the first half of 2016, expanding its international reach beyond the US and Canada.

With a reported 8% hold on the smart TV market share, can Roku find even more success in 2016? We shall see.

Michelle Fitzsimmons

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