Sony's 4K and UltraViolet pioneers axed in tech division cuts

4K and UltraViolet pioneers leaves Sony after technology division cuts
Sony - tech cuts revealed

Sony has revealed that it is making a number of major changes to its movie tech division, announcing that it is shuttering the Sony Picture Technologies unit.

The changes mean that a number of key people in Sony who have overseen major technological breakthroughs are set to leave the company.

According to Sony, Chris Cookson - the president of Sony Pictures Technologies - will be leaving the company has part of the cost cutting.

He oversaw a division that not only looked after the 3D training side at Sony but helped push the studio into the world of digital production, as well as the transition to 4K and digital distribution – which we all know as UltraViolet.

Absorbing the functions

Although not officially announced by Sony, Bloomberg Businessweek is reporting that Mitch Singer, Sony's chief digital strategy officer, has also left the company.

Singer is know as the person who led the development of UltraViolet – the digital distribution system that has been adopted by most movie studios (and annoyed many a movie buyer) and can be found on many a Blu-ray.

It is not known just what kind of an effect these cuts will have on Sony going forward. What is known is that two key players in its technology division are gone – two people who helped push Sony's 4K plans, as well as 3D before it.

In a statement, Sony explained that "Sony Pictures Entertainment is absorbing the functions of Sony Pictures Technologies into various core businesses" and this should "accelerate creative and technological innovation." So, fingers crossed future tech plans aren't affected by the cuts.

TechRadar actually visited Sony's technology unit in Culver City, California, last year where we saw Sony's impressive 4K eco-system in action, which stretches from 4K projectors in theaters worldwide to Breaking Bad being remastered in 4K, ready for when Netflix flicks the switch.

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