Sky Sports pass on Now TV goes weekly

Sky Sports pass on Now TV goes weekly
Sky is seven heaven with new sports pass

Sky has revealed it is ramping up its Sky Sports offering on Now TV, with the addition of a weekly pass.

Given that the Premier League is all set to kick off this weekend, this pass from Sky is a well-timed one.

The new weekly Sky Sports offering allows unlimited access to all seven of Sky's sporting channels and will sit alongside the day pass that's currently available for those looking to get 24 hours of sports content through their Now TV box.

The time is Now

In celebration of the launch, Sky has revealed that it will be selling the Sky Sports Week pass for £10.99 and has dropped the day pass rate to £6.99. This does seem to be a temporary discount, though, so best to take advantage while you can.

Now TV is Sky's answer to the all-you-can-eat services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, and can be accessed from the Now TV box, connected TVs, online and through Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Sky recently announced it was revamping Sky Sports News, rebranding it Sky Sports News HQ. TechRadar was given a behind-the-scenes look at the new studio - one which is set to embrace the Twitter age.

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