Sky chief says Ofcom ruling will hurt UK sport

Sky - up in arms
Sky - up in arms

Sky's chief executive Jeremy Darroch has insisted that Ofcom's decision to set the pricing for the broadcaster's key sports channels will adversely impact on UK sport.

Sky had already issued a statement outlining its objection to Ofcom's rulings, but Darroch has now expressed how he believes the ruling will affect sport.

"I think Ofcom's decision is likely to hit British sport where it hurts," said Darroch.

"I think their actions are likely to drive down the value of TV sports channels and reduce competition in the marketplace."


Darroch believes that there is now no need for rival broadcasters to even think about bidding against Sky when they can take the channels 'risk-free' through wholesale.

"Certainly, businesses that have so far shown little appetite to invest in sports I think will be less likely to do so if they can get access to Sky's channels at a risk free, knock down price governed by the regulator.

"And I think that risk is undermining the virtuous cycle that's been created in British sport over the last few years with sustained investment, much of it from broadcast TV rights, that's really flowed through at all levels and has had positive effects right through sports.

"That's one of the reasons why the sports governing bodies in particular I think are concerned about the decision - and with good reason."

Few would deny that Sky has had an almighty impact on sports such as football in this country, making the Premier League perhaps the most vibrant and envied on the planet.

But, the arguments are likely to rage as to whether the consumer will benefit from the inevitable lower prices, or if they will lose out should UK sport feel the pinch.

Patrick Goss

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