Philips launches AmbiLux TV with built-in projector at Harrods


If you've got £3,999 burning a hole in your pocket, then good news as Philips has taken to Harrods to launch its new AmbiLux TV, which contains - count 'em - nine pico-projectors.

AmbiLux is the brand name the company uses to describe its line of TVs that are capable of projecting colour on to the wall behind the screen to match what is currently on the screen in order to make what you're watching more immersive.

The Philips 65PUS8901 AmbiLux Ultra HD TV takes this a step further, and rather than simply recreate the colours actually projects the same images using the nine projectors. As a result, it can now also extend images up to 3m from the screen.

Cutting Edge

The TV itself is as cutting edge as the price tag would imply: It supports 4K, it will upscale HD and has a super-slim bezel around the edge, which helps make the AmbiLux feature effective.

On the software side, like other Philips TVs it runs Android TV, with all of the apps and features that implies. Philips is particularly keen to draw attention to the hex-core processing unit, which will make navigation fast, and the remote control that supports speech recognition.

The 65 inch 65PUS8901 will be available at the end of March at Harrods. So why not send your driver to pick one up, or head down there to gawp at it yourself.