Netflix's new content deal addresses one of its biggest weaknesses

Netflix's new content deal addresses one of its biggest weaknesses

Netflix won't pull any punches in pursuit of winning the streaming wars, this time dealing a major blow to competitors like Hulu by securing exclusive streaming rights to The CW.

The multi-year deal, struck with CBS Corporation and Warner Bros. Entertainment, gives Netflix exclusive access to full seasons of any show aired by The Cee Dubs - like The Flash, Supergirl, The Vampire Diaries, or Crazy Ex-Girlfriend - just eight days after that show's season finale.

Not only does this make Netflix the place to be for current CW shows, but the get also addresses a previous weakness of the on-demand service: waiting forever for new seasons.


Normally, waiting for fresh seasons of any ongoing show on Netflix would be a test a patience. For example, the sixth season of the animated secret agent comedy Archer debuted on Netflix just days before the seventh season started airing on FX.

This allowed competitors like Hulu to stand out, offering new TV shows just days after they aired for those who preferred staying up-to-date on the latest shows without dropping the money on cable.

Now, at least for CW programs, the wait for new content is drastically cut down, as well as served up in a binge-worthy chunk that Netflix owners have become accustomed to.

Securing shows faster is just another move by Netflix in the streaming wars, with other services like HBO Go and Amazon Prime Video having to step it up by offering standalone subscription services and all kinds of original content.

As for Hulu, the service is reportedly fighting back by potentially delving into live programming, but Netflix jumping the gun on the premiere of The CW's gritty Archie comic reboot, Riverdale, is sure to leave a sting.

Parker Wilhelm
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