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It's time for Sydney to retune their TVs

Digital TV retune
If you're getting something like this, your TV might need a retune.
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With Australia's remaining analog TV signals switched off last year in December, Aussies have been asked to retune their digital TVs as the final step in the switchover.

While the majority of eastern Australian states have retuned their TV, starting today, the Australian government is reminding Sydney that it's their turn for the big digital shuffle.

The rest of Australia will follow throughout the year, but if you go home today to a fuzzy TV signal, you should go to the government's Digital Ready website to check if your area needs to retune.

Tuning in

Retuning is the final phase in Australia's digital switchover, which began on June 2010 in Mildurra, Victoria.

The digital retune, or restack, of the digital TV channels will free up the spectrum that had been auctioned off by the government up as part of the Digital Divendend.

If you're having trouble figuring out how to retune your TV, digital recorder or set-top box, you can try finding the user manuals.

If that proves a task in itself, you can also go to or call the Digital Ready Information Line on 1800 201 013.

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