Toshiba Cell TV coming to UK in Autumn 2010

Toshiba Cell Regza TV
Toshiba's Cell Regza looks set to put other TVs to shame

Toshiba has finally revealed the news that we were all waiting for with the Cell TV confirmed for Europe, but those looking to buy into the sophisticated television will have to wait until Autumn 2010.

The Cell has had television afficionados licking their lips since its powerful processing ability and picture quality was put on show, and the television will indeed be making it to the UK in 2010.

"The introduction of the Cell TV is Toshiba's latest step in the high-end TV market in Europe," says Sascha Lange, Head of Marketing, Toshiba Europe GmbH.

"To really raise the bar in the high-end TV segment, a high-performing processor is vital and, as such, Toshiba's new Cell TV harnesses the exceptional performance of the Cell Broadband Engine."

According to Tosh, Cell TV brings 143 times the processing power typically available in a television and picture quality should be great as well.

"Toshiba will be integrating a panel featuring an improved in-house developed Direct LED backlighting system with 4.608 LED and a local dimming setup with 512 LED areas (Super Local Dimming LED)," adds the press release.

"This results in an exceptionally high luminance of up to 1.250cd/m² and a dynamic contrast of up to 9,000,000:1.

The full feature set of the European version of the Cell TV has not yet been finalised, Toshiba admits, but it will be 3D ready and can bring large screen video calling to the living room.

LED backlit

Toshiba also announced that it will be introducing LED backlit LCD televisions across its product range in 2010.

"In 2010, we will expand our LED TV portfolio with LED backlighting not only to the high-end but also to the entry level and midrange segments," said Lange.

"As consumers in these segments are more price-conscious but don't want to compromise on high picture quality, design and sustainability, we will meet their demand with a broad range of LED backlit TV sets."

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