Sharp: 40% of TVs to be LED by 2011

Sharp's LED TVs - set to be the first of many
Sharp's LED TVs - set to be the first of many

Sharp previewed its new range of full LED backlight TVs in London this week - the LE600 and LE700 Aquos series - and predicted the technology would flood the market over the next two years.

Speaking to TechRadar, Sharp's UK MD Paul Molyneux was very excited about LED technology, and wanted Sharp to be at the forefront of what is set to be an LED revolution in TV circles.

"While there is other LED TVs out there, we want the whole market to be LED," explained Molneux. "Our products will stand side by side with anybody who launches."

When asked where he saw the technology going, Molyneux was quick to label LED technology as the future, explaining: "We think LED as a technology will account of 30 to 40 per cent of products certainly within the next two years."

Selling picture quality

Sharp's decision to go full LED backlight, however, has meant its new 600 series and 700 series of TVs are a little on the chunky size, something Molyneux insists isn't a drawback.

"Consumers buy TVs for different reasons – we are selling ours on picture quality," he noted.

"There's a reason why our TVs are designed in a slightly different way. You have full array LED versus edge LED. There are some trade offs if you go for edge LEDs and there's some if you go for full array.

"If picture quality is what you really want to focus on, then as far as we are concerned you should be buying a full array LED set."

Marc Chacksfield

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