Samsung's massive S9 4K TV up for pre-order this month for $40K

85-inch Samsung S9 UHD TV
Despite some very nice plusses, $40K is a little to rich for our blood

When Samsung unveiled its massive range of S9 Ultra HD 4K TVs at CES earlier this year, it conceded that the 95- and 110-inch models would never actually go into production - they were just for show.

Given how much we assumed it would cost, we kind of doubted the 85-inch version would ever sit on store shelves either, despite what Samsung said.

It turns out we were only half-wrong; Samsung announced Wednesday that the 85-inch S9 will become available for pre-order in the U.S. on later this month.

For all that screen real estate, you expect a price tag as the TV itself - try $39,999 on for size. This is not going to be a display for the masses.

Samsung S9 TV range CES

Only the smallest of the three S9 TVs shown at CES will be released

'Bigger is better'

When it comes to TVs, Samsung said in its press release that "bigger is better."

But size isn't the only thing the S9 UHD TV has going for it - the Ultra HD 4K display is one of the sharpest in existence at the moment, and its thin, "floating" frame gives it a unique aesthetic and functionality.

Samsung also discussed the 85-inch behemoth's Precision Black Pro contrast technology and "Ultimate Dimming," oddly named tech that helps make its image even sharper, according to the company.

And the S9 can up-convert lower HD formats to UHD like none other, and its 3-way 2.2 channel sound system provides audio that's six times better than the average TV, Samsung claimed in the press release.

That's not all

In the same press release, Samsung revealed pricing and availability info for a set of other products as well.

They include the $299 Smart Evolution Kit, which will connect to Samsung TV sets and update them with new features that would, ostensibly, otherwise be tied to new sets exclusively.

The Evolution Kit will drop in May and come bundled with the 2013 Smart Touch Remote.

Also discussed was the bluetooth HW-F750 soundbar and wireless subwoofer for Smart TVs, which will hit shelves in March for $799.

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