Samsung unveils AV updates with wireless connectivity for CES

Valve soundbar
HW-F750 valve amplified soundbar

Wireless sound was on Samsung's brain Sunday as the company announced ahead of CES's official kick off new additions to its digital audio line up.

Among the South Korean firm's 2013 AV products is what it's calling the first soundbar that can connect wirelessly to a TV.

Amping up its innovation claims, Samsung also said the soundbar, known by model number HW-F750, features a valve amplifier that's been plugged into the bar, a first for the technology.

Accompanying the sliver of a device is a wireless subwoofer, so there's nary a connector cable to fiddle with when using the HW-F750 system.

Homeward bound

The set up uses SoundShare so users can create the wireless TV hookup, and also features a gyroscope sensor that gauges height, rotation and slope for optimal sound no matter where users mount it. Only compatible TVs will work with SoundShare.

Users can also take advantage of the AirtrackON function, a clunky name for a feature that powers up the soundbar automatically when the TV is on.

For ultimate laziness, Samsung's thrown in the ability to control the soundbar using a TV remote.

More pre-CES goodies

A valve amplified soundbar with a pair of "world firsts" attached to its name wasn't all Samsung had in store this weekend.

It also introduced the DA-F60, otherwise known as Samsung's next portable wireless Bluetooth speaker, which uses advanced wireless connections and NFC technology to boost sound quality and user ease.

All it takes is a tap to connect the speakers to a phone or tablet, Samsung said.

On the science side of things, neodymium magnets and a passive radiator lead to sounds usually reserved for high-end Hi-Fi audio systems, the company boasted.

In other words: you won't have to pay high-end prices to live distortion free.

TV fun

Samsung has made no secret of its 2013 TV designs, revealing well before the Vegas show that it would introduce models of unprecedented size and design.

To pair perfectly with these new products, Samsung has created the 7.1 Channel Home Theatre System.

Using a Gallium Nitride amplifier (more science for you), the HT-F9750W can take sounds beyond the typical audible frequency range.

A multi-dimensional swivel speaker, 1,330-watt sound, proprietary valve amplifier and all of Samsung's latest Smart TV features are part of the HT-F9750W package.

Samsung even noted that the picture quality of the HT-F9750W takes pixels to the supreme (including on the new Ultra HD TVs set to debut this year) thanks to a 4K processor.

The Blu-ray in the HT-F9750W can run multiple apps at once, Samsung said, and comes with Smart Hub and AllShare features.

Hey, hey Blu-ray

Finally, Samsung is rolling out a premium Blu-ray player, a.k.a the BD-F7500, featuring advanced upscaling capabilities.

Notable among its features are that it allows users to experience ordinary SD and HD content in super high res.

In terms of the latest kit coming in 2013, that means run-of-the-mill content produced before the advent of UHD will look mighty nice on screens that support the 4K tech.

Stuff streamed from the internet will also appear crystal clear thanks to an algorithm built into the black-and-silver box that reduces blocking artifacts and boosts the visual quality of block-based low bit-rate coded images.

The BD-F7500 is packed with 900MHz x 2 high-performance dual-core chipsets for further image improvement and hyper-drive browsing speed.

We don't have details on pricing and availability yet, but we should know more when CES gets off the ground Monday.

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