Samsung's Bendable UHD TV will only curve when you want it to

Bendable TV
Immersion has an on/off switch

Curved screens might be the latest fad in the TV space, but what if you don't want your set to be curved all the time?

Samsung has the answer: a 78-inch 4K TV that will transform from straight to bendy at the press of a button.

Samsung's Bendable TV will go on sale in Korea on August 1, the company has announced, but there's currently no word on when we might see it. We're chasing up with Samsung to see what the deal is.

The TV was first demoed at CES in January, but that 85-inch set has now been shrunk down to a 78-inch display (The horror). Nothing on price but it's safe to say that you might need to dip into your 'other' account for this one.


But for a pretty penny, you'll have a TV that can adapt to your living room while you decide whether curved screens are more than another technology gimmick.

And once you've sold the house and all of your most loved possessions to afford it, the curvature on Samsung's TV should help block out the emptiness around you. So there's that.

Via Engadget