Rumor: New Apple iTV UI may be unveiled at WWDC

Apple "iTV"
Apple's mythical television seems more likely than ever

Apple may be one of the most secretive companies around. But everyone believes the Cupertino-based electronics maker is working on a better HDTV, which has encouraged a few loose lips to start talking.

However, it seems the best rumors currently come straight from the mouths of Apple executives themselves.

A recent interview with head designer Jonathan Ive touted Apple's current project as "the best work we've done," while falling short of detailing exactly what it may be.

Apple CEO Tim Cook, who just this week promised to "double down" on secrecy within the company, described the current Apple TV as more than a hobby which is expected to become "something… larger" in the future.

Finally, despite the insistence of Foxconn, CEO Terry Gou was recently quoted as saying the company was "making preparations" for an Apple iTV, without elaborating as to what exactly he meant.

New TV-based OS

The latest TV-based Apple rumor quotes a "trusted source" who claims the company may demonstrate an entirely new operating system for the existing Apple iTV at the company's developer conference in San Francisco, which kicks off June 11.

In addition to a "much more feature-complete" OS, Apple is said to be courting manufacturers with a new "control out" API, which will help tie Cupertino's television software to third party equipment.

Despite all the anecdotal evidence, no one actually expects CEO Tim Cook to wheel out an Apple-branded HDTV at next month's WWDC - that's likely to come later in the year, if not 2013.