Google rumored to build Chromecast tech straight into TVs

Vizio Chromecast
Vizio Chromecast

In a rather confusing turn of events, a new report suggests that Google will take a bite out of its streaming device business in order to incorporate Chromecast-like functionality directly into future television sets.

Several sources speaking with Variety confirmed the existence of a new series of TVs from Vizio that will integrate Chromecast directly into the hardware.

While this sounds a lot like an Android TV offshoot, the report says it's similar in functionality, but not exactly the operating system we've come to know and love on Sony TVs and Nvidia Shield.

The new line of TVs won't have any native apps, instead streaming videos directly off a phone or tablet; i.e. Chromecast, but without a circular disc hanging off your television set.

To make this news a bit juicier, Vizio might go as far as to provide a new Android device to anyone who purchases a Chromecast-equipped TV, in lieu of a traditional remote. However, the report warns that the inclusion of an Android-powered remote might be subject to last-minute changes.

Should the report turn out to be true, this would mark Google's fifth entry into the living room space after Chromecast, Chromecast Audio, Android TV and the original Google TV, which failed to take off in 2014.

There's no word on pricing or availability for the first 'Chrome TVs', but my money's on a launch sometime in the fall.

Nick Pino

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