Efficient next gen ThinkPad X220 outed by Lenovo

Lenovo's battery-tastic X220 notebook
Lenovo's battery-tastic X220 notebook

Lenovo has announced the latest refresh of its ThinkPad line of laptops in the form of the ThinkPad X220, as well as a convertible tablet PC.

The tablet PC has a touchscreen that can be swivelled around and controlled using a stylus, as well as being able to rock the traditional laptop look with keyboard panel below.

Predictably, neither product is really a looker – both sport the austere, blocky look of a business laptop or something you might borrow from school.

Lenovo think pad x220 tablet

But they have lovely personalities

The ThinkPad X220 laptop offers up to 15 hours of battery life using just the internal battery, but you can add an external battery to ramp that up to 24 hours of non-stop computing.

Both products come with a low-powered second-gen Intel Core i7 processor, USB 3.0 (on select models) and video-calling capability.

"Put simply, The ThinkPad X Series has everything a modern road warrior needs without compromises – low weight, long battery life and high performance," said Dilip Bhatia, vice president, ThinkPad Marketing, Lenovo.

"We've refined the mobile computing experience to make it more productive and enjoyable with features like smart PC technologies and enhanced video and voice calling."

The tablet touchscreen is crafted from Gorilla Glass, so it should be scratch, scrape and abuse-resistant, while both models have "wider drain-holes in the spill resistant keyboard".

Both computers come with a UK release date of April. The X220 laptop range starts at £843 but the X220 Tablet will set you back a minimum of £1287 - ouch.

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