Super Smash Bros. Ultimate gets Kazuya from Tekken

super smash bros. ultimate kayuza
(Image credit: Nintendo)

Yes, it's really happening. During the E3 2021 Nintendo Direct, a new trailer revealed that Kazuya from the Tekken franchise is coming to Super Smash. Bros Ultimate on Nintendo Switch. The trailer showed a bit of gameplay, as well as Kazuya tossing Ganondorf and others into a volcano. Naturally, Kirby was able to float away. 

With this latest addition to the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC lineup, players will soon have another seasoned fighter to choose from. During the presentation, Smash Bros. director Sakurai confirmed that Kazuya will retain several iconic moves from the Tekken games, including the Sternum Smash, Jumping Sobat, Dragon Uppercut, Tombstone Crusher, Gates of Hell and Demon God Fist.

More information on just how Kazuya will play in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will be revealed during a dedicated stream on June 28, 2021 at 7am PT / 10am ET / 12pm BST. 

Who is next?

The list of characters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is continuing to grow but who will be next after Kazuya? There's one character left to be revealed in the second pass. Rumors and hopes continue to fly, meaning speculation ought to hit a fever pitch. The character has already been decided though, so please don't harass the developers hoping for your favorite.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate first launched in December 2018, with several characters added across two different passes since. The game has sold over 23 million copies since launch and isn't likely to slow down with these last couple of characters on the way.

Samuel Tolbert

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