Starfield Xbox controller's included dynamic background is a bit disappointing

Starfield Xbox Controller
(Image credit: Microsoft)

The gorgeous Starfield Xbox Wireless Controller was officially revealed during the Starfield Direct. But it bundles an extra feature that wasn't mentioned during that presentation.

The Verge's Tom Warren shared the appearance of a dynamic dashboard background that comes with the Starfield Xbox Wireless Controller. It's a fairly understated background, featuring trippy animated swirls of what appears to be a distorted galactic map from the game. If you're keen to own it yourself, here's our guide on where to buy the Starfield Xbox controller.

The dynamic background itself certainly isn't as bombastic as the one for Diablo 4, which features antagonist Lilith amidst an intense fiery backdrop. That may disappoint fans hoping for something more eye-catching, like a vista of distant planets or the busy streets of Starfield's massive New Atlantis city. Still, it's a nice free bonus for anyone who's dropped cash on the Starfield controller.

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It's a much subtler dynamic background than the vibrant gamepad would lead you to believe. While the Starfield controller and headset stun with a unique design scheme, the background does just look like something you could find anywhere. It doesn't immediately make me think of the Bethesda Game Studios title. Still, it's hardly off-putting and will make for a nice background for those after something that doesn't distract.

While the Starfield limited edition Xbox Wireless Controller is available to buy now, we're still a few months away from the actual game's launch on September 6. However, if you want to buy the Constellation Edition which includes a real, working smartwatch, you may want to pre-order while stocks last. You can read up on our Starfield pre-order guide to find out which retailers are selling the game in your region.

And if you're looking to complete the set of Starfield goodies, we're running through all the info on where to buy the Starfield Xbox Wireless Headset.

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