New Star Wars VIII ship revealed by BB-9E Sphero toy

Mild spoilers ahead! The new Sphero BB-9E toy has given us a glimpse of a brand new Star Wars ship - Mega Star Destroyer ‘The Supremacy’. 

Sphero has followed up its immensely popular BB-8 robot with the dark equivalent, and we already love the look of the BB-9E on its official launch for Force Friday II. 

But, for those seeking information ahead of Star Wars Episode VIII, the new AR mode on the toy gives us the chance to explore a new ship in the canon - The Supremacy. 

So, what can we tell you? Well - the blurb tells us that this is the main ship of the Supreme Leader Snoke and his First Order and it’s a massive 60 kilometers in length. 

We also get told that it’s the only Mega-class Star Destroyer, many times bigger than the Super Star Destroyer of the original trilogy. 

Having spent a little time piloting BB-9E around the ship we can confirm that it’s a) definitely not small and b) very reminiscent of its predecessors. 

The new Star Wars films definitely have a track record of super-sizing - The Force Awakens famously top-trumped the Death Star with the Starkiller Base - but as long as we get to see some more mouse droids we’re pretty much okay with it. 

Patrick Goss

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