New Star Wars PS4 game Project Maverick leaks with X-Wing teaser image

(Image credit: Lucasfilm)

A new Star Wars game called Project Maverick has leaked, after a database listing on the EU PlayStation Store revealed the name and a promotional image from the title. 

That's not all, either – as reported by Gematsu, background music for the game's PS4 page has leaked, and a Play Together parameter of '5' implies this game likely has a multiplayer component. In addition, Project Maverick is not listed as a VR game, which some speculated it would be. Finally, this listing appears to be for a beta of some kind.

There's not much to glean from the teaser image. Four X-Wings can be seen flying towards a star destroyer against the backdrop of looming towers (or shadows) and asteroids. Some speculated this might be a remaster of the Rogue Squadron games – but that really seems like a stretch, especially with that series' tight ties to Nintendo consoles. 

Instead, this is likely a project from EA that's already been reported on. 

What is Star Wars: Project Maverick?

Last month, in a Kotaku report on a canceled spin-off of Star Wars: Battlefront, reporter Jason Schreier mentioned the existence of "a smaller, more unusual project" at EA's Motive studio as another Star Wars game that publisher EA had in the works. 

Schreier responded to a Twitter user that Project Maverick is indeed the project he was referring to, meaning this game would be an EA-published project, like Jedi: Fallen Order. VR games like Vader Immortal were instead published by Disney Interactive.

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EA hasn't officially announced anything either way, but we're excited to see what kind of Star Wars experience its developers come up with next off the back of Jedi: Fallen Order and a great year of Battlefront 2 content. 

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