Sony A9 II: does this leaked image show Sony's next full-frame mirrorless camera?

Sony A9
(Image credit: Future)

Is the Sony Alpha A9 II around the corner? A leaked image that's appeared on a rumor site suggests the model may not be far away.

The original Sony A9 (pictured above) was released back in 2017, and has represented Sony's most capable option for sports and action photographers. It was subject to a significant firmware update earlier this year that ramped up its autofocus capabilities with the arrival of Real-time Tracking technology.

Now, Sony Alpha Rumors claims it's obtained an image that shows the sequel – and you can see it for yourself below.

(Image credit: Sony Alpha Rumors)

The image shows what appears to be the rear of the Sony A7R IV, with the same style of Multi Selector and revised position of the rear command dial, but the left-hand side of the top-plate is fitted with a similar kind of drive mode collar and dial that the A9 has in this position.

Is it real? It certainly looks credible. Sony Alpha Rumors goes on to speculate that the model will feature a 36MP sensor, and that all will be revealed in October.