Sonos One’s new color options will brighten up your day

Fashionistas take note, Sonos One is hitting the runway in Milan with five new colors. The color schemes come by way of a partnership with HAY, a Danish design brand and will be unveiled at Milan Design Week 2018.  

The five new colors that are going to be added to the Sonos One’s repertoire are red, green, yellow, pink and grey - which will come in addition to the Sonos One’s original colors, black and white. 

Three of the new colors (red, green and yellow) will be available starting in September, but the added style points are going to cost you extra - $229/£229/€259. If you don’t mind the bland black and white attire, those will still be available for $199/£199.

Is the $30/£30 upcharge a bit much? Oh, definitely. But do those colors look awesome and are we still going to buy them anyways? You bet! 

Now all we need is our extra smart assistant… 

The news on the extra colors isn’t exactly what we expected to hear next for the Sonos One, which has long promised an update that includes Google Assistant. 

That update is still in the works, according to Sonos, but there’s no word yet on when it will be available. 

Does Google Assistant prefer the red, yellow or green version of the Sonos One? We’ll just have to wait to find out.

Nick Pino

Nick Pino is Managing Editor, TV and AV for TechRadar's sister site, Tom's Guide. Previously, he was the Senior Editor of Home Entertainment at TechRadar, covering TVs, headphones, speakers, video games, VR and streaming devices. He's also written for GamesRadar+, Official Xbox Magazine, PC Gamer and other outlets over the last decade, and he has a degree in computer science he's not using if anyone wants it.