Samsung to return classic Start menu to Windows 8 with free app

Samsung to return classic Start menu to Windows 8 with free app
Samsung keeping it familiar with Quick Starter (Image credit: Laptop Magazine)

Aware of the old adage 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it', Samsung will provide a free app that mimics the classic Start menu for its Windows 8 laptops and tablets.

The company's Quick Starter app (previously knowns as S Launcher) was initially due to ship with new Windows 8 devices, but instead it'll be available as a free download when those machines hit store shelves.

The user interface in previous versions of Windows was underpinned by the famous Start button and the pop-up menus that allow easy navigation around the OS.

Of course, this has been culled in favour of the don't-call-it-Metro UI in Windows 8 which has a Start screen that gives applications like Internet Explorer, Music and Video their own button.

Keeping it familiar

Perhaps understanding that not everyone loves a change and that the new UI might actually put some folks off buying a Windows 8 machine, Samsung will offer users a choice between the old and new.

It'll be available to download from the S Manager suite - a portal for the latest drivers and software within Samsung's Windows 8 machines .

A press release from Samsung said: "Included within S Manager is Samsung's Quick Starter feature, which adds a toolbar and start button to the Windows 8 interface. This provides users with a choice of interface and offers a familiar navigation scheme."

Naturally, there will be plenty of third-party solutions offering this functionality, but Samsung likely hopes that a native app will give it an edge in the forthcoming W8 manufacturer battle with the likes of HP, Dell and Sony.

Via CNET, Laptop Magazine

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