Nokia pushing kit for happy Lumia 1020 app making, adds Path app and more

There's some dev love going down for Nokia's new phone

Whopping camera hardware, it turns out, is only part of the Lumia 1020's story. Nokia is also launching a new imaging software SDK for developers today plus welcoming a few long-lost apps.

For the SDK, the plan is to let developers access advanced features that they normally can't tap into for the standard imaging Windows Phone 8 API.

A host of apps are jumping on the API, said CEO Stephen Elop as he introduced it, including CNN, Vyclone, Yelp and Foursquare.

Particularly exciting, for those who've missed it on Windows Phone at least, is the introduction of Path. While the social app is coming to the platform for the first time, it will have a "special focus" on the 1020...whatever that means.

Flipboard is also jumping in the WP fray, coming soon along with the app mentioned above and this one too: the Lumia 1020 will launch with Hipstamatic Oggle PRO as a phone exclusive, bringing filters and snappy edit capabilities to the handset though it's not, alas, a proper Instagram app.

Devs can start downloading the SDK today, and everyone can check out Vine's plans to join the platform too.

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