Want to earn a quick 100K? Build an app for Windows Phone

Want to earn a quick 100K? Just build an app for Windows Phone
Microsoft reportedly offering big bounties to app developers

Microsoft is reportedly throwing a small fortune at app developers to encourage them to build apps for its Windows Phone operating system.

The information comes from Bloomberg Businessweek as an interesting tidbit in a story about how Apple's new iOS 7 platform mimicking the design of Windows Phone.

The reporter Ashlee Vance says she's been told that Microsoft is handing over in excess of $100,000 (UK£63,600, AUD$104,000) to some developers to help furnish the Windows Store with top titles.

She wrote: "My friends in Silicon Valley say Microsoft has been offering $100,000 or more to companies that will build Windows Phone apps."

Missing pieces

However, before you all fire up that 'How to develop apps for Windows Phone' Google search, this bounty would only be offered to developers with a proven track record of developing great apps.

Whether it's buying favour or not, Microsoft's efforts do seem to be paying off. The company has landed some of the missing pieces of the app store jigsaw in recent weeks and now boasts 145,000 apps.

However the addition of apps like Instagram and Pinterest would go a long way towards putting Microsoft on an even playing field with Apple and Google.

Just last week it was rumoured that Instagram would be arriving on the platform on June 26, but as a Nokia exclusive.

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