QuickBooks joins Tradeshift platform

Tradeshift logo

Cloud platform provider Tradeshift has announced a partnership with Intuit under which the latter's QuickBooks software will become available through the channel.

Tradeshift's chief executive officer Christian Lanng said this would immediately open it up for about 5 million users of QuickBooks, and provide a boost for usage of the platform. It currently claims that about 150,000 businesses use the service, of which tens of thousands are in the UK.

"The millions of companies who choose QuickBooks to give them confidence, insight and new opportunities from financial data will now enjoy the same experience around external business interactions using Tradeshift," he said. "They'll be able to get paid faster via Tradeshift Instant Payment and add new business processes using Tradeshift Apps.

"At such a scale (and with our commitment to open standards) Tradeshift becomes an even more appealing environment for developers and partners to create and sell apps. And that opens the door to running any business process on the platform and, in time, feeding more data back into Quickbooks too."

Tradeshift was set up in 2010 as a platform for business interactions built on open standards. A spokesperson for the company told TRBC it has been used by some accounting software and ERP systems providers, and that it is working with a number of developers on specialised business apps.

He said that the partnership with Intuit reflects a trend in which an increasing number of accounting systems are becoming available on the cloud.