Mikogo launches Cloud Desktop

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Mikogo has launched its Cloud Desktop system, which it has claimed is the first PC system to sit entirely on a cloud platform.

The company said that Cloud Desktop, built on HTML5, makes it possible for users to access their own computer system from any computer, smartphone or tablet directly from within a web browser without any software downloads or plug-in installations.

It said this can support the management of remote working, 'bring your own device' and outsourcing work to contractors. Clients can rent Cloud Desktops and provide their remote workers with all the necessary software applications without distributing any hardware.

Once the user has logged into their Cloud Desktop they can access their own operating system, software applications and files directly from within the browser. There is no need to set up any remote systems.

Marcel Maron, Mikogo's IT Operations Manager, said: "The advantages of cloud services are accessibility and reliability because the services are managed by professional service providers, not the end-user. Operating systems, however, are presently still managed by the end-user leaving them to deal with constant updates, maintenance, performance issues, etc."

"We've had these frustrations ourselves, so we developed the Mikogo Cloud Desktop, to give users the easiest way to access their very own computer system sitting in the cloud, which is completely managed by our IT professionals. This builds considerable value as it creates a warranty for company IT departments regarding performance, while saving time and money.

"You can give your workers access to core applications, such as CRM, project management systems, etc., and then they just log in and get to work on their own cloud computer."

Users are able to select between different Windows operating systems for their Cloud Desktop, including Windows 8. They can use any computer or tablet.