Google bumps up Google Play password options, after in-app purchase lawsuits

Google bumps up Google Play password options after in app purchase lawsuits

Google has silently rolled out a new version of the Google Play store, giving users the option to require a password every time an in-app purchase is made on their Android devices.

The changes gives parents the option of restricting in-app purchases made by children playing freemium games, while preventing those accidental purchases of new content for media apps.

The current system allows in-app purchases to be made within a 30 minute window of the last time the password was entered.

That system was the subject of a recent lawsuit brought by a woman in New York, whose son racked up $65.95 playing the Marvel Jump Smash game without having to enter a password.


As well as the password tweak, which remains optional for users, Google is also identifying which apps have in-app purchases available within the product description.

Google's change comes after Apple, which is now refunding 'accidental' purchases, has taken the brunt of the fury over in-app purchases so far.

Following a Federal Trade Commission ruling in January, the firm forked over $32.5m in refunds to customers who'd been unwittingly charged for in-app purchases.

Are these the first ramifications of the recent talks with European regulators? Are more to come? Let us know your thoughts below.

Via The Verge