Dropbox delivers Mailbox for desktop, but only on Mac

Dropbox Mailbox for desktop Mac
Mailbox for desktop is exclusive to Macs - for now

It's been almost a year and a half since Dropbox purchased the email app Mailbox, and the service has finally, just now, arrived on desktop.

The Mailbox app for Mac OS X was released today in public beta, following previous Mailbox apps for iOS and Android.

Mailbox for desktop was announced in April alongside the Android version. At the time it was in private beta, with no clear release date in sight.

Now the big remaining question is when Mailbox for Windows might arrive, and the answer doesn't encourage confidence.

"For now, the Mailbox desktop version is for Mac," a Mailbox spokesperson told TechRadar. "We'll be adding support for additional devices and email providers as we go but have no specifics to share at this time."


Dropbox is emailing users of the Mailbox mobile apps, as well as people who signed up for the waiting list, with an attachment called "betacoins" that they can use to access Mailbox on Mac. Even more users will gain access soon, the company said in a blog post. You can sign up here.

The desktop version of the Mailbox app works similarly to and ties in neatly with its iOS and Android counterparts, with the same gesture-based controls and preferences that sync between devices.

This version of Mailbox also adds drafts, at least on Mac. How an email app without drafts could exist - much less flourish - is anyone's guess, but at least the feature is here now (and arriving soon on iOS and Android).

Mailbox for desktop also adds the ability to "snooze" messages on your mobile device until you return to your computer.

"Please give the new features a test drive and send along feedback to mailbox-feedback@dropbox.com," the company wrote. "As always, we need your help to get this right, and we are so appreciative when you take the time to share your thoughts."

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