Avoid World Cup 2014 spoilers with new browser app

Spoiler Spoiler
The aptly named app

With most World Cup games in Brazil set to be played at odd hours for us Aussie-folk, Fetch TV wants to help you out with its new browser app.

Aptly named Spoiler Spoiler, it app can be downloaded for either the Chrome or Firefox desktop browsers.

Once downloaded, the app will scan and block every website for countries, team names, and football terms to give you a spoiler free experience - though we hope it doesn't block out any other vital Australia-related news stories.

You'll be able to choose your teams' colours (green and gold!), as each mention will be blocked with coloured bars and boxes, just like in the image above.

Fetch TV is also spruiking its set top box, which allows you to record TV shows, but also the games from the World Cup 2014.

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