Apps for going out

The app gives you access to all the reviews from the magazine and web site, too, so you'll never stumble into a crappy bar or restaurant again.


For: iOS, Android | Price: Free

Everguide app screenshot

Everguide is a web site that lets you know what's happening across all of Australia's capital cities in terms of music, culture, arts and entertainment events.

You can tailor the types of events you're interested in, so you won't be told of the upcoming rugby game when all you want to do is dance.

The iOS app allows you to see what's on nearby or what's popular and carries your event preferences over from the main web site.

The Android version is just a wrapped version of the Everguide mobile web site, so let's hope that they upgrade it soon.

EAT. or DRINK. Sydney and Melbourne

For: iOS, Windows Phone | Price: US$4.99 each

Deck of Secrets Drink app

This is actually a collection of four apps (EAT. for eating, DRINK. for drinking and one of each for Sydney and Melbourne) compiled by Deck of Secrets.

The company started as offering a deck of cards that listed 52 of the best restaurants and bars in Sydney and Melbourne, and launched the app version in 2007.

The app includes all the information from the cards, adding in a map interface that allows you to find and contact the bar or restaurant in question.

Where the Truck At?

For: iOS | Price: Free

Where the Truck At app screenshot

If your night has gone on for a little too long for a restaurant meal, but you're not yet ready to settle for a kebab, then one of your city's gourmet food trucks can likely offer you the meal you require.

But how to find one?

Where The Truck At? is a web site that offers a daily updated, nationwide (at least, as far as cities with food trucks go) food truck location map and it's releasing an iOS app, which allows you to find (and read about) the nearest truck.

You can also see what trucks will be available later, if you want to plan your night around a duck taco or something.


For: Android | Price: Free

Ingogo app screenshot

Now, to get home.

It can be a pain waiting for a bus or battling for a cab, especially at a time when all you want to do is lie down.

Ingogo is a Sydney startup (coming to other cities soon) that gets you in direct contact with the nearest taxi driver.

You'll be notified when a driver accepts your job and you can view where the taxi is as it makes its way toward you.

Payment is made through the app, so there's no waiting for a receipt, bringing your bed/bathroom just that much closer.