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glomper FreeTime

For: iOS, Android | Price: Free

Some of the best nights out begin with an unexpected meeting.

Perhaps you're sitting in town, having knocked off early for the day, and rather than heading straight home you decide to see if anyone is up for cheeky drink.

glomper FreeTime allows you to broadcast to your friends (or anyone nearby, if you will) that you have some time to spare, allowing you to do something with it.

glomper freetime app

It comes in handy in situations where drinking isn't involved, too.

There's also the more planned, event-based glomper events, if you're a little less capricious.


For: iOS | Price: Free

Wendr app

If you have a few ideas for your big night out, Wendr allows you to specify the type of activity you're interested in doing.

Simply choose between 'Going out', 'Open to suggestions' or 'Staying in', then describe your plans and send them to all your Facebook, Foursquare and Twitter pals.

You can also see what your social network friends are up to on any night and even view Facebook events, tweets and Foursquare Venues from within the app, allowing you to pick the perfect adventure and/or companion for your rambunctious evening.


For: iOS, Android | Price: Free

Untappd app screenshot

You're the type of person who enjoys something more refined than the swill inflicted upon us by Carlton United/Tooheys/Castlemaine Perkins, yes?

Well, Untappd allows you to not only document that delicious microbrew that you just tasted, but also proudly broadcast it to your uneducated friends on Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare.

In fact, it's just like Foursquare, only you check into beers, not just venues.

So, as you're sitting at home on Saturday night, trying to decide whether to go dancing or drinking, perhaps take into consideration where your beer buddies are and what type of brews are on offer before doing anything rash.

Bandsintown Concerts

For: iOS, Android | Price: Free

Bandsintown Concerts app screenshot

Keen for some live music?

No matter if you're a metal head or a disco bunny, chances are that there's something going on around town that interests you — you just need to find it.

With Bandsintown, you can view a list of any concerts/gigs/events that are happening nearby either tonight or in the upcoming week, picking and choosing just what you wish to see. And it's a surprisingly thorough list, too.

Better yet, it links into your, Pandora and Facebook accounts to find all of the musicians you care about and then automatically alerts you when they're playing in your town.

Popular alternatives include Songkick, Gig Ink and onTour.


For: iOS, Android | Price: Free

YumTable app screenshot

After a solid session of alcohol consumption, there are few things more satisfying than a good meal.

YumTable is a last minute restaurant booking service that throws in deals to entice diners to fill empty seats.

You can see what deals are currently active (as well as how far away the restaurant is from you) and book your table from within the app itself.

It'll then guide you to the restaurant of choice, with all the discounts happening behind the scenes.

Unfortunately, it's currently only available in Melbourne and rolling out in Sydney. If you're elsewhere, try Yelp, Urbanspoon or Foodspotting for restaurant reviews and location-based searches.

Things to do: Sydney/Melbourne

For: iOS | Price: Free

TimeOut's Things to do app screenshot

So you've successfully gathered your friends together and now you just need something to do.

Time Out's Things to Do app takes all the information from the publication and allows you to view a map showing the nearest restaurants, bars, gigs, cinemas, shops and events, complete with ratings.

You can also view the most popular events and venues by category. Ranging from bars, cafes and restaurants, to theatre, opera and dance, you can pick the type of night out that you and your crew are keen for.