Skype for desktop PCs now lets you blur the background when video chatting

Skype for Business

Skype just introduced a nifty feature for its desktop applications whereby the user can blur the background of a video call.

The new capability hasn’t yet hit the full release version of Skype’s apps, mind you, but rather is still in testing and present in the latest preview build of the Windows, macOS and Linux applications (version 8.37.76).

You can turn on background blurring by right-clicking on your own video within the app, or you can access it via the on-hover video settings which Skype has just introduced.

Why would you want to blur what’s behind you? Well, you might want the person you’re chatting with to focus on you rather than any potential distractions in the background.

Or your office or study might simply be such a tip, that you’d rather it wasn’t displayed on-screen. Whatever your needs, blurring is easily implemented with no fuss (and certainly a much preferable alternative to tidying up).

Helpful hover

Microsoft also reminded us that the new on-hover settings can be used to quickly switch cameras – just hover your mouse over the camera button to see the options available (including background blurring).

Hopefully it won’t be too long before testing is completed on the feature, and it arrives in the release version of desktop Skype.

Via MSPowerUser

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