Sky extends Remote Record service

Sky has extended the reach of its Remote Record service, enabling Sky Plus subscribers to program their PVRs via the web as well as from their mobile phones.

The service - which can be accessed at - enables you to view Sky's seven-day TV guide and then select the programme you want to record. To get access you need to set up a My Sky account, and then activate the Remote Record facility using the Sky Active option on your Sky Plus personal video recorder (PVR).

Sky originally launched Remote Record last year, but it could only be accessed using the mobile internet or the SMS capabilities of your mobile phone. Sky says Remote Record delivers some obvious benefits to users:

"Remote Record is perfect for those situations when you hear about a TV show and want to record it there and then, if you're stuck late at work or if you've simply forgotten to record that programme you want to watch. It's about making TV fit around people's increasingly busy lives," said Stephen Van Rooyen, Sky's Director of Product Management.

The Sky Plus PVR comes with an 80GB of user-accessible hard disk space and costs £99 to buy. Installation will set you back another £60 and there's also a £10 per month subscription to the Sky Plus service. Both installation and subscription fees can be waived depending on the package you choose.