Should I buy the Kitsound BoomBar+ Portable Bluetooth Speaker?

The bottom line: This portable speaker delivers perfectly-capable audio quality on a small budget.

Built with both Bluetooth and AUX connectivity, the Kitsound Boombar+ can be easily paired with laptops, computers and smart devices, making it the ideal travel companion. 

While the audio is detailed for the price, some users have found the volume lacking – so this might not be the best speaker for entertaining guests. For occasional or personal use, however, the Boombar+ might just do the job.

Pros: Super lightweight, with easy connectivity through Bluetooth

Cons: Sound quality might fade with regular use

Kitsound BoomBar+ Portable Bluetooth Speaker: Everything you need to know

As a rework of Kitsound’s best selling speaker, you can expect a certain level of finesse in the deliverance of your sound and this is reflected in the reviews. With a frequency response of 150Hz - 20Hz, most reviewers rate the sound quality fairly highly, so long as you keep the volume relatively low, that is. At higher volumes, you might experience a slight crackle over time. That said, taking into consideration the price and the fact that it is a small, portable speaker it might well be the more fiscally-friendly option.


If you’re using the device to amp up the volume on a film, connecting the speaker to your laptop via the aux cable is the best way of getting the a decent quality noise, as condensing the sound through Bluetooth means the delivery of sound can get a little out of sync. If you’re connecting it to your mobile to play your Spotify playlist, then you can still expect to hear a clear, high quality sound. They’ve also handily incorporated a hands-free function so you can take calls without too much faffing around. 


With 20 hours of play time, there’s plenty of juice no matter where and why you’re using your speaker and with a 3 hour charge time, it can quickly be prepared to provide an evening of music. In terms of volume, this speaker won't knock your socks off, but, this makes it quite a handy speaker for poolside listening or even camping when you don't want to disturb people around you. It'll also travel well with its sturdy exterior, and it's not the best looking speaker so you might not mind it getting bashed about.


Kitsound haven’t left anything out of the box either - they give you everything you need, including a 3.5mm to 3.5mm audio cable. As an added bonus, you get a carry case to keep it protected when not in use, and they’ve also incorporated a carry handle into the speaker so you can carry it without getting fingerprints on the glossy black cover. 

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