Should I buy AKG Soft Touch In-Ear Wired Headphones?

The bottom line: If you're on the lookout for a budget pair of headphones from a renowned audio brand – ones that promise to deliver a punchier sound than the usual budget buys – AKG's Soft Touch may be the just what you need.

Small, yet perfectly formed, these wired headphones are designed to be compact enough to fit into little ears and stay securely in. Despite the drivers being just 8mm, AKG reckons they emanate a high-output sound that delivers a decent level of accuracy. According to the majority opinion, they do, but more favourably for mid-frequency sound – while bass and high frequencies can be slightly lacking.

Pros: Built for comfort, decent all-round sound 

Cons: Base sound isn’t particularly rich

AKG Soft Touch In-Ear Wired Headphones: Everything you need to know

Compatible with iOS, Android and other common operating systems, these headphones have been packed with technical features that allow you to listen to your music with ease. 


The one button remote cable enables you to take control of your music, with skipping, pausing and playing all easy and instant and you can answer calls to make transition from listening to speaking faff-free. Unfortunately, you can’t use the control to change the volume, which is widely recognised as an annoying lack of functionality - and if you find taking your device out of your pocket or your bag an inconvenience, there are certainly other headphones within this price range that offer you volume control from the wire. 


A common problem for in-ear headphones is discomfort but AKG have really put some effort into ensuring that these headphones offer superior comfort over long periods of time. For the most part, users agree with this, which is largely thanks to the tilted ear-tips, which aid a more natural in-ear positioning. With 3 sizes of soft ear-tips available to choose, you have the freedom to ensure that these headphones are the perfect size for your ears. With them fitting snug, they aim to block out a lot of external noise so you can listen to your music without much in the way of outside interference. 

Made from polycarbonate, they’re designed to be taken out and about and should survive any amount of turmoil that you put them through. AKG also provide you with a slim-line carrying pouch to protect them when you’re not wearing them. They’re also available in grey, teal or yellow – so make sure you keep an eye out for deals in your preferred colour.

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