Samsung Unpacked 2021 will be on April 28 to unveil a 'powerful' Galaxy device

Samsung Unpacked 2021
(Image credit: Samsung)

Another Samsung Unpacked is happening on April 28 at 10am ET / 7am PT (3pm in the UK and 12am midnight on April 29 in Australia), the company announced in an official blog post, and it's anyone's guess what's coming.

Given the mention of 'Galaxy' in the scant event description, we could see the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 or a new Galaxy Tab tablet launched. Of course, it could also refer to Samsung's laptop and Chromebook ranges, such as the Samsung Galaxy Book S, and Samsung Galaxy Book Flex.

The event was surprise announced with a single tagline: 'The most powerful Galaxy is coming.' And, of course, a teaser video showing a mysterious something overloading gadgets and appliances all over town.

That 'most powerful' tagline implies we won't be seeing non-flagship phones we expect like the Samsung Galaxy A82, despite purported images of that phone leaking out, nor does that seem to match other expected devices like the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2, despite recent mentions of those true wireless earbuds. 

The most powerful mobile device we're expecting is the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, which we've recently heard could have a small outer display – and while rumors don't guarantee announcements, we haven't heard of other devices that fit the bill.

The 'most powerful' reference may also mean it's more likely we'll see a new laptop at this event, as those will be far more powerful than any smartphone or tablet device that Samsung would show off.

There may also be a bit of a clue in the final image, which shows a blue rectangle casting a blue shadow. It kind of looks like a laptop-like device - though maybe we're looking too much into it.

Whatever it is, we won't have long to find out, at least.

David Lumb

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