Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 battery details may have just leaked out

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip
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It looks as though the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 has been passing through various regulatory agencies in Asia, which has revealed the sort of battery capacity we can expect from the foldable phone due to launch this year.

SamMobile has seen a glimpse of the relevant paperwork and discovered that one larger and one smaller battery will combine inside the clamshell phone to give an overall battery capacity of 3,300mAh.

That's exactly the same as the battery capacity of the original Samsung Galaxy Z Flip that launched in February 2020, but assuming Samsung has managed to implement some under-the-hood optimizations, battery life should be better overall.

Unfortunately no other spec details are revealed by the documentation that SamMobile has caught a sight of – and as with any leak, don't take this as official just yet – but we do now at least have some idea of the battery capacity of the Galaxy Z Flip 3.

Flipping great

The 3,300mAh battery inside the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is enough to get it through a day but not really more than that, as we explained in our review. It has to light up both the main 6.7-inch display and the smaller 1.1-inch screen on the back.

Don't panic, because you haven't missed the Galaxy Z Flip 2. The rumor is that Samsung will be counting the 5G iteration of the foldable as the second edition, and skip straight to 3 to bring it in line with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 that's also due this year.

Given that the original launched in February 2020 and these regulatory filings have just surfaced, it seems as though the arrival of the Galaxy Z Flip 3 could be imminent – though analysts have been predicting a launch later on in the year.

One of the rumors we've heard is that the outer display could get a size boost, increasing to 3 inches from corner to corner. We'll have to wait and see to know for sure, but that would put extra pressure on the battery inside too.

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