Samsung Galaxy S20 Lite could land just ahead of the Galaxy S30

Samsung Galaxy S20
A Lite-er version of the Samsung Galaxy S20 (above) could be just months away. (Image credit: Future)

Not long ago we heard that there might be a Samsung Galaxy S20 Lite in the works, and now we have an idea of when it might land, as a source has suggested it will launch in October.

That’s according to sources speaking to ETNews, which refers to the phone as the Samsung Galaxy S20 Fan Edition, just like the previous report, but notes that it’s an “economic version of the Galaxy S20”, so it’s clearly the Samsung Galaxy S20 Lite in all but name.

Launching then would mean it’s probably not far ahead of the Samsung Galaxy S30, which we’re expecting to see in or around February 2021. That might seem odd, but it’s roughly in line with Samsung’s launch timing for the Galaxy S10 Lite – in fact that phone was announced in January, just around a month before the Galaxy S20.

A phone a month

The period from August to February could be a very busy time for Samsung, as ETNews also claims that – as expected – the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 range will land in August, and that the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 will launch in September. That’s along with the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G likely launching around then too.

All this, according to the site, is part of a plan from Samsung to launch a new “strategic smartphone” every month from August until October, in an attempt to bounce back after a rocky first half to the year.

Other nuggets of information in this report include that there will apparently be two Galaxy Note 20 models with different screen sizes and features. That might mean that we get either a Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Plus or a Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, but not both.

Finally, the site also says that, as previously rumored, the Galaxy Fold 2 will have a bigger screen than the original Samsung Galaxy Fold.

As ever we’d take all of these claims with a pinch of salt, particularly where it comes to information that we haven’t heard before, but if all these phones really are coming soon then we should hear plenty more about them before long.

Via GSMArena

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