Samsung Galaxy S20 has secret 96Hz mode, but you probably don't want to activate it

Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus
The Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus (Image credit: Future)

Samsung's Galaxy S20 series comes with a 120Hz refresh rate display that allows for a smoother user interface than most other handsets, but it seems the company may have a hidden 96Hz mode.

Officially, Samsung's devices just offer the choice of 60Hz or 120Hz. The 120Hz is a higher refresh rate, but it's only available when the display is set to a Full HD resolution - however, it seems the screen is also capable of 96Hz unofficially.

According to XDA Developers, if you fiddle with the code within the phone you can find hidden 96Hz and 48Hz modes that can be activated. It's thought this is possible on all Galaxy S20 handsets. 

A future feature?

One member of XDA Developers has even made an app that allows you to switch between the 'hidden' modes.

We wouldn't recommend doing this to your device as it's unclear if it'll impact the warranty, plus a few users who have tried fiddling with the code have said it caused issues with their handsets.

It's an interesting addition hidden within the software of the Galaxy S20, and it may mean Samsung will activate a middle refresh rate option within a future software update.

The benefit of having the 96Hz mode available would be a smoother on-screen experience (although not quite as smooth as 120Hz) with less battery drain compared to the top-end refresh rate. However, at 96Hz the screen would also have to switch from QHD to a Full HD resolution.

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